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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bar Serves Drinks on Toy Train Set

Prague : A Czech bar has replaced waiters and waitresses – with a model railway.
The Vytopna Restaurant in Prague has installed a huge £500,000 model railway. The 400 metres miniature railway runs around the restaurant, and through every table. The restaurant owners are passionate about traditional railways.
The railway tracks pass through tunnels, over drawbridges, they run through sculptured rock formations and woods, by ponds, and even pull into stations.
The train delivers drinks from the bar to customer's tables and has proved popular with punters. The empty glasses can be put onto the train again and they are taken back into the kitchen.
The 1,300ft rail system features tiny tunnels, towns and forests.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cat vs. Alligator and she whisked him away...


A face-off between a cat and an alligator is hardly a fight between equals. Only, in this incident at a national park in New Orleans, the alligator emerged the underdog. A YouTube video showed the beast innocently stepping out of the water for its meal of chicken, which this cat somehow took very personally. When the alligator exhibited its jaws to intimidate the cat, the bold feline unleashed a series of angry swipes at its snout while stupefied tourists looked on. The gator sheepishly admitted defeat and returned to the water.