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Monday, October 17, 2011

Japanese Toilet-maker Invents Poop Powered Bike

As part of their effort to increase awareness about environmental issues, Japanese toilet-maker Toto have created a motorcycle that runs on faeces. The vehicle, named Toilet Bike Neo, is a three-wheeled chopper-style that features a toilet for a seat.
Though the bike runs on poop, human excrement is not used, instead the vehicle uses biogas brewed and extracted from animal dung and household wastewater. It can achieve a maximum speed of 80kmph.
The project is part of larger initiative by Toto to reduce greenhouse-gas emmissions in it’s customers toilets by 50 per cent by the year 2017.
The poop bike has embarked on a 1,000 kilometres journey across Japan to spread awareness since October 6, which took off from their manufacturing plant at Kokura and will end in Tokyo.
Even though it is powered by waste the vehicle features a tiny talking latrine on the handlebars, a high-end sound system and a air-writing LED device that can leave trails of messages.
The Toilet Bike Neo, also comes with a giant roll of toilet paper mounted at the rear end and a special poop inspired helmet.
The project has also started a blog complete with pictures at Toilet Bike that tracks it’s progress while travelling across Japan. There are no immediate plans to mass produce the unique bike and the company made it clear that it is not involved with the motorbike or bio-gas production business.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Message in Bottle saved Cargo Ship Montecristo from Pirates

LONDON British forces freed an Italian cargo ship hijacked by Somali pirates after retrieving a message in a bottle tossed by hostages from a porthole, it is now learnt. The message said the crew was safely sealed inside an armoured area.
All 23 crew, including 10 Indians, of the Montecristo were freed and the 11 pirates arrested. The crew locked themselves in an armoured area of the vessel when the pirates came aboard and continued to navigate the ship.
“The pirates cut off communication, but the crew tossed a bottle with a message out. At that point, other ships in the area were aware the Italian vessel had been boarded by pirates. But the message in the bottle gave an important signal the crew of the ship were out of harm’s way and that a rescue operation could be launched.
Rubber boats circled Montecristo while a helicopter hovered above. The pirates surrendered right away, some throwing their weapons in the sea.
The pirates attacked the ship on Monday off Somalia.