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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Message in Bottle saved Cargo Ship Montecristo from Pirates

LONDON British forces freed an Italian cargo ship hijacked by Somali pirates after retrieving a message in a bottle tossed by hostages from a porthole, it is now learnt. The message said the crew was safely sealed inside an armoured area.
All 23 crew, including 10 Indians, of the Montecristo were freed and the 11 pirates arrested. The crew locked themselves in an armoured area of the vessel when the pirates came aboard and continued to navigate the ship.
“The pirates cut off communication, but the crew tossed a bottle with a message out. At that point, other ships in the area were aware the Italian vessel had been boarded by pirates. But the message in the bottle gave an important signal the crew of the ship were out of harm’s way and that a rescue operation could be launched.
Rubber boats circled Montecristo while a helicopter hovered above. The pirates surrendered right away, some throwing their weapons in the sea.
The pirates attacked the ship on Monday off Somalia.

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